China Institute of Sport Science

Development of Land-based Training and Testing Equipment on Movement Balance Ability

Date:2016-02-24   |   【Print】 【close

author:LIN Hong

  journal:China Sport Science


This study uses related research methods of sports training ,sports biomechanics ,mechanical design ,sensor ,video image analysis and computer technology ,to develop a set of landbased supplementary training equipment on movement balance ability integrating with the testing on the basis of updated research results of physical fitness training at home and abroad . The equipment develops two platforms for movement balance ability training and test .It adopts synchronized measurement technique of sensors and video images on homemade systematic testing software to realize a reproduction of all collected test data (or curves) and moving images in real time .The product can be applied to landbased movement balance ability training for all kinds of sports .While training ,the appropriate tests are completed simultaneously .All information of training including videos and test data in the whole process are synchronously recorded and provided to the users in real time .The experimental testing of the equipment shows that this design meets the needs of users’ well on training their movement balance abilities .It is convenient and reliable .It realizes the combination of training and evaluation by way of quatitative analysis ,instead of the qualitative used before .