China Institute of Sport Science

Sports Social Science Research Center

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The center is a national and comprehensive research center for sports humanity and social sciences. It carries out the theoretical research and innovation around the strategic, overall and prospective problems in the sports social science, provides scientific basis and consulting services for the government decision-making, and provides consulting services for the organizations and companies.

The main research areas of the center cover sports economics, sports management, sports sociology, Olympic sports and sports law, etc. The center forms the features and advantages in the basic theoretical research of sports humanity and social sciences and soft science for macro decision, and its discipline construction takes the leading position in the country.

Under the background of our country changing the way of sports development, perfecting the public service system of the sports and building the sports power, the center provides the scientific basis for the central government, local government and sports administrative organization to make the sports policies and guidelines, laws and regulations, great decisions, etc. according to the major theoretical issues and system innovation of the sports reform and development, solves the theoretical problems for the harmonious development of sports and society, and obtains a variety of achievements in the research on the sports strategic planning, professional sports system design, sports industry policy, sports social organization and construction, like participating in the formulation of Several Opinions on Speeding up the Development of sport industry and Promoting the Sports Consumption issued by the State Council, accomplishing a series of research achievements and monographs with high academic value and great social influence, such as Strategic Research on Sports Power, China’s Sports Industry Development Report, Strategic Research on China’s Sports Industry Development During Post-Olympic Period, Research on Tax Economy and Tax Policy of Host City Before and After the Olympic Games, Sports Economics, Olympic Sponsorship Strategy and others.